About Beit Aharon

Beit Aharon is a family friendly modern orthodox synagogue located in the centre of the Melbourne Jewish community

The ethos of the shule is inclusionary and tephillot are liberally seasoned with the tunes, minhagim and sounds of Ashkenaz, Sephard, Chabad, Yemenite and Moroccan jewry. Beit Aharon is in the forefront of facilitating the involvement of women in its congregational life.


Beit Aharon was founded in late 1987 as a minyan in the newly dedicated Arnold Bloch Memorial Synagogue with the assitance of Moshe Rabovich, then head of Jewish studies at Mount Scopus College.

Founding members included the Boltin family and other members of the extended family of the late Arnold Bloch together with a number of people who lived in the local area including the Felzen family, the family of the late Jakob Balbin a’h, the Honig family, the Lederman family and the Cohen family.  Life member, Sam Tatarka joined the shule in 1988 and became gabbai when Moshe Rabovich returned to Israel.

For many years the shule was enriched by the active participation of families of Israeli shlichim who were serving at Mount Scopus as educators and who served the kehilla as baalei tephilla and baalei kriah.

Rabbi William Altshul served as the kehilla’s first rabbi for a period of five years from 1992 and he was succeeded by Rabbi Ralph Genende who occupied the position for a period of ten years ending in 2007.  Rabbi Shamir Caplan now serves as Rabbi of the kehilla and Rabbi Sholem Blesofsky continues as baal koreh in a position he has now held for ten years.

The shule was first constituted as an unincorporated association in the early 1990s and remained in that state until it became an incorporated body in June 2005.

Rabbi Caplan