Children’s Shabbat Program

Please join us for our Children’s Program every Shabbat. The program begins at 11 am. There are 3 age groups: 4-7 year olds; 7-10 year olds; 11+  Our program has been developed in collaboration with UJEB & also involves HINENI Madrachim.

We also have a Special Children’s Program on 25th November 2017. This is the Shabbat following World Mitzvah Day – and we are sure your children will love to be menschen (people with lots of heart).


The Shule is at 15 Mayfield St, St Kilda East  Victoria, Australia 3183

We also have a Special Children’s Program on 25th November 2017. This is the Shabbat following World Mizvah Day – and we are sure your children will love to be menschen (people with lots of heart)

If you have any questions, please contact Rabbi Shamir Caplan
Mobile 0418440336                                                            

Come Visit for Yom Kippur & Succoth!

Welcome to Beit Aharon!

We are so excited to have you with us. Beit Aharon is a family-friendly space for prayer and contemplation, song and personal growth. We act on our belief that every Jew is welcome to be included in our community and we come in all shapes and sizes!

This year we have a gorgeous and in depth children’s program, designed with our friends at UJEB so that our younger members find Shule interactive, engaging, fun and full of fond memories.

All small guests, visitors, and members are encouraged to try it out and tell us what their favourite things are so that we can give them more of what they love.

For our congregation, we aim for those same things we just told you about for our children… fond memories, interacting and engagement  – as well as serious contemplation about bettering ourselves and the world around us. For this we are delighted to announce that this year we are having an amazing wonderful chazan come lead our service, along with our regularly brilliant team.

So whether you come as a lone warrior, bring a gaggle of children, or are cajouling your partner… we hope that everyone comes away having had a wonderful Shule experience.

If you are a fly by the seat of your pants sort, not sure of your plans, you’re welcome to make a last minute decision and come by. The more the merrier.

If you would prefer to have a seat guaranteed – for you, members of your family and friends… just click the link and we can give you peace of mind and you can sleep well knowing that it is all organised.




Shule Times: Regular Services

Friday Night (Erev Shabbat)

Beit Aharon’ Friday night service includes Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat. The service is held 10 minutes after Candle Lighting. Please see our Facebook page for up-to-date Shabbat times.

Shabbat Day

Our Shabbat program begins at 9.00am with a Shiur by Rabbi Sholem Blesofsky
Prayers commence with Shacharit 9:30 am.

After the conclusion of the service everyone is invited to join us for a Kiddush (which generally includes a vegetarian cholent made by our dedicated Rabbi, Shamir Caplan.

Two hours before the end of Shabbat, we have Gary’s 45 minute Gemara shiur. This is immediately followed by Mincha, Seudah Shlishit (the 3rd meal) and Maariv.  All welcome!

Children’s Program

Beit Aharon is excited to announce a collaboration with UJEB in the design and running of our children’s program.

Over the Yomim Noraim we will be running the following programs:

  Age Group Theme Time
Yom Kippur    4-7 years  Actions & Consequences 1100-12.15pm
Yom Kippur  7-10 years  Actions & Consequence 12.30-1.45pm
Yom Kippur  11+  Actions & Consequence 12.30-1.45pm

Children’s Programs will be run during Succoth  – details of the programs will be posted shortly.

The regular Shabbat program will be run at 11am weekly.