Welcome to Beit Aharon

Beit Aharon is a family-friendly, modern orthodox synagogue located in the centre of the Melbourne Jewish community. As an Orthodox congregation, we welcome and embrace all Jews, and we affirm our commitment to treating all with dignity and respect.

Our community aims to be inclusive. We encourage the full participation of all Jews in the religious life of our Shule to the full extent it is halakhically possible. Beit Aharon is at the forefront of facilitating the involvement of women in its congregational life. The Torah is always brought into the Women’s Section of the Shule. Women are supported to say Kaddish, to deliver D’var Torah and to recite prayers for Australia and Israel. We will not tolerate harassment against any person in our congregation on any ground, including age, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

Our tephillot are liberally seasoned with the tunes, minhagim and sounds of Ashkenaz, Sephard, Chabad, Yemenite and Moroccan Jewry.We run Children’s Services for different age groups, preparing children to become full members of the Jewish community who are confident both in and outside the Shule environment.

We welcome you to join us at services and events. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about Beit Aharon or about the wider Jewish community.