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Learning Programs

Learning Programs

Beit Aharon Mayfield Street Shule is often described as a thinking person’s shule, and as such our learning programs reflect this ideal. We encourage you to participate in any of the shiurim that you might find interesting. Click on the Subscribe button below to add your name and contact details.
Each Shabbat Mevarchim we aim to have a speaker present on a topic of interest which is then followed by a kiddush. Our men and women speakers are chosen because of their expertise in a particular subject and also because of the relevance of their subject to the Jewish community.

Monday Night Shiur

Jonny Shaw conducts an on-line shiur which embraces critical analysis of our texts and traditions. This is often done by comparing our texts with other sources including those from other faiths and by examining historical manuscripts. The shiur runs for an hour or so on Monday evenings from 8pm.

Gemarra Shiur

Gary’s Gemarra shiur has been running for many years on Shabbat afternoons ahead of the Mincha service. Gary is extremely knowledgeable in the Gemarra and delivers the shiur in a way that allows even those unfamiliar to the texts to understand the nuances that are so much a part of this great foundational work.